6 January 2017

The Crimson Gown by Quenby Olson

Lydia Hunt is familiar with the concept of sin. Reared beneath the strictures of religious zealotry and abuse, she has heard again and again that her nature is wicked and her soul bound for eternal damnation. But when she is sent to work at Mowbray Hall, ancestral home of the enigmatic Lord Cailvairt, Lydia begins to fear just how wicked she might be. 

 For although Cailvairt makes no effort to hide his pursuit of her, his insistence on challenging the ideals imposed upon her as a child―even while speaking to her as an equal―leaves it difficult for Lydia to resist his attentions. As her inhibitions crumble away and the foundation of her beliefs threatens to falter, she must determine if giving into temptation will destroy her... or be the act that saves her.

I loved this book. The language is beautiful and draws you into historical England with all that follows. The upstairs and downstairs. Lords and servants. Forbidden love, sin even. I'm loving it. This is really a book of my own taste. I wish I could write like this!The characters are complex and have depths that make them real and likable.

The ending leaves me wanting more, which is a good thing. I want to know what happens next.

30 December 2016

Another year's over

As this year is coming to an end I realise that I've not done what I had hoped to this year. I was supposed to finish at least one of my writing projects, but alas I've not. Instead I've started two new ones. The nano, which I haven't touched since, and after that another YA-romance that is going so so.

Wait a minute, I did finish one project. The novella Hannah's Folly in Writing Wenches's Anthology Beyond the Friend Zone, was an old, sort of fanfic-project, of mine. But none of the big one's are finished, or even close to finished.

I've been busy being a mother and now my maternity leave is coming to an end. I start work again on Monday January 2nd. Hopefully I get a lot of writing done during the train ride, but I wouldn't hold my breath. It's not really worked in the past. I know how bad I'm at prioritising when I'm working full time. And I want to be with the kids when I get home too.

Anyway, I am going to try to finish the first book of my fantasy series I've been working on forever. At least to get the first draft ready to be beta read. And maybe, if my husband allows it, enter nano again this November. :P

I just signed up for  #365skriv (write) with Kreationslotsen. You get a different theme everyday to write something about to kickstart your writing day. Hopefully it will help to get the words I need down everyday.

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2 December 2016


This year's NaNoWriMo has been over for nearly two days. I reached the goal of 50k words on the 28th and had two whole days to write just for the fun of it. Or I tried to find an end for the story. The competitive side of me was gone, however. As soon as I hit 50k my drive disappeared. Since then I've only written about 1500 words. That's nothing compared to what I wrote a day before I hit 50k. 

Just a few of my many, many
I have noticed before that I work best under pressure. A deadline that someone else has set works best. Word sprints and competition against someone else is super, even though the quality isn't the best, the words are being written down. You can't edit invisible text, someone told me the other day, when I was complaining of the the poor quality of my work. The point of NaNo is to have a first draft of a novel, something to build on. 

That the characters have mutinied and totally disregarded the little I had planned to happened, is irrelevant. It can be fixed, but I have to believe in my idea. Or at least in the modified version of said idea, the one that evolved during the writing process. I need to sit down and sort through the text, put it in the right order. Still this is probably the most chronologically I've written in a NaNo thus far, which is good. I have, I don't know how many PostIt-notes with ideas, things that must be researched, characters, background stories and other stuff to go through. I need to find surnames to basically all my characters, and a few haven't even got a first name yet. 

And still I'm not sure if the text is worth all this work, because I'm pretty sure it stinks. 

While on the NaNo-subect, does anyone know of an app that's similar to NaNos wordcount thingie? I need that in my life to continue writing toward finishing a story. Let me now, 'kay?

28 November 2016

And I'm done #NaNoWinner2016

I went past 50k of words earlier today. So relieved. But then I really got into the story again. Damned characters! It might not be so bad after all. I'll continue writing until November is over, and hopefully I'll have an ending by then.

Hello social life! I'm back! :P

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25 November 2016

I feel you Rory!

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Screen caps from Gilmore Girls One Year in Time

I'm 4k from winning NaNoWriMo. And I hate my story. It's changed so many times over the last couple of weeks that I'm not even sure it's salvageable when this is all over. I tried to do the planning thing this year, and it totally bit me in the butt. The characters went haywire and overruled my planning, basically made the paranormal aspect of the story unnecessary. Although I managed to fix that something else came up that made the time frame fucked. I'm just basically writing to get the 50k down, and then toss it. Oh yey.

30 October 2016

Trying to be a planner

Since I'm usually a pantser and write on intuition, I'm trying my best to be a planner for this year's nanowrimo. I want to have as much as possible planned beforehand since I'm home with the baby and don't have as much alone time as I did last year. Which in itself is weird since I was working full time. :P

I'm currently putting in my timeline and synopsis in Scrivener, I've fixed an inspiration board on Pinterest and am drowning in post-its. I love it. Hopefully I'll get some writing done too. It's so much fun to plan, I had no idea.

I usually have a clear idea in my head of what I want to write and where the story is headed before starting. This time, I only have a vague idea and two characters that I want to throw together. It's turning out to be a paranormal romance with its roots in Norse Mythology. I had no idea when the bartender turned up in my head that he was the son of a Goddess.

To be honest I'm really looking forward to Tuesday when I get to set my teeth into this.

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19 October 2016

Finding routines

It's high time I find some writing routines now that NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. One would think I would have all the time in the world to write now that I'm home on maternity leave, but as all parents of small children knows, that's not really the case. Especially now when the husband is home with a bad back too, and has been so for the last couple of weeks. The few routines I had are long gone and we have binge watched House instead. Something that's made me want to write a hospital story, but I'm too lazy to do the needed research.

I have managed to get an hour in the morning, after I've dropped the big kids off at daycare and school and before the youngest awakes (one of the perks of not being home alone is that you don't have to wake the baby up when dropping the others off), that is just for writing. It's not always the full hour, but usually Yrla is happy after nursing and can play on her own for a while and I can continue my morning musing.

I've managed to get a lot of stuff done this way. The rest of the day is for playing with the baby, cleaning, washing up and all the other stuff that needs to be done around the house. Usually I have some time in the evening after the kids' gone to sleep too. I'm not a social as I was with the other two this time around. I don't have an "öppna förskolan" (open daycare sort of, day center where parents can go with the kids and meet other parents). We've had some play dates instead and been out walking a lot

I'm gonna continue editing and planning Nano now! See ya!

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