27 June 2016

My first investment as an author

I don't really call myself an author, because I don't see me as such. I'm just someone who writes. :P I took this year's royalty and invested in a laser printer. We have an old inkjet which has seen its best day and drink ink like a sailor. So I turned to the net to find a good deal on a printer, firstly a new inkjet, but then I found a cost-effective laser printer. It's even more economical when thinking about the cost for each printed page, too. I spent 399 SEK on a Samsung Xpress. It arrived today. I'm so pleased with my new friend! :) Money well spent.

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15 June 2016

Here we go again...

The voices as awoken again. It wasn't really my plan. I was supposed to take a break and help my colleague with her text. Not start something new. But when I heard about this short story competition the voices just started babbling. I can't ignore them.

”Alltså, jag vill verkligen inte.”
”Jag har verkligen ingen lust att gå, bara.”
”Vad som helst kan hända! Lev lite!” Tova armbågade henne i sidan.
("I really don't want to."
"I really just don't feel like it."
"Anything can happen! Live a little!" Tova nudged her in the side.)

I really don't have the time. The summer novella is coming back from the editor any day now and when it does I need to start editing. Deadline for this competition is August 1. It's only 12k characters including spaces. That's really nothing. So... Let's do it!

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8 June 2016

The inbetween

I sent the novella to the editor last week. I've heard it should be finding its way back to me next week. I haven't opened the document since then. I found I cannot bare it. The last two chapters were written in the middle of the night, stressing over the deadline and perhaps under the influence of wine. It might just be crappety-crap. I'm sure I will have to rewrite the ending and the sex. The sex might not even be regarded as sex, because it's just implied. But in the end I actually liked my characters, though they were too silent in the beginning and only opened up to me and each other in the last pages. Seriously, why not tell me everything at once? I don't like surprises as an author.

But they are now more alive, of course, and more lovable thanks to their flaws. My perfectly unperfect characters.

Now the waiting. I'm helping a fellow author with her text in the meantime. It's more fun than taking apart my own. :P

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