30 December 2016

Another year's over

As this year is coming to an end I realise that I've not done what I had hoped to this year. I was supposed to finish at least one of my writing projects, but alas I've not. Instead I've started two new ones. The nano, which I haven't touched since, and after that another YA-romance that is going so so.

Wait a minute, I did finish one project. The novella Hannah's Folly in Writing Wenches's Anthology Beyond the Friend Zone, was an old, sort of fanfic-project, of mine. But none of the big one's are finished, or even close to finished.

I've been busy being a mother and now my maternity leave is coming to an end. I start work again on Monday January 2nd. Hopefully I get a lot of writing done during the train ride, but I wouldn't hold my breath. It's not really worked in the past. I know how bad I'm at prioritising when I'm working full time. And I want to be with the kids when I get home too.

Anyway, I am going to try to finish the first book of my fantasy series I've been working on forever. At least to get the first draft ready to be beta read. And maybe, if my husband allows it, enter nano again this November. :P

I just signed up for  #365skriv (write) with Kreationslotsen. You get a different theme everyday to write something about to kickstart your writing day. Hopefully it will help to get the words I need down everyday.

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2 December 2016


This year's NaNoWriMo has been over for nearly two days. I reached the goal of 50k words on the 28th and had two whole days to write just for the fun of it. Or I tried to find an end for the story. The competitive side of me was gone, however. As soon as I hit 50k my drive disappeared. Since then I've only written about 1500 words. That's nothing compared to what I wrote a day before I hit 50k. 

Just a few of my many, many
I have noticed before that I work best under pressure. A deadline that someone else has set works best. Word sprints and competition against someone else is super, even though the quality isn't the best, the words are being written down. You can't edit invisible text, someone told me the other day, when I was complaining of the the poor quality of my work. The point of NaNo is to have a first draft of a novel, something to build on. 

That the characters have mutinied and totally disregarded the little I had planned to happened, is irrelevant. It can be fixed, but I have to believe in my idea. Or at least in the modified version of said idea, the one that evolved during the writing process. I need to sit down and sort through the text, put it in the right order. Still this is probably the most chronologically I've written in a NaNo thus far, which is good. I have, I don't know how many PostIt-notes with ideas, things that must be researched, characters, background stories and other stuff to go through. I need to find surnames to basically all my characters, and a few haven't even got a first name yet. 

And still I'm not sure if the text is worth all this work, because I'm pretty sure it stinks. 

While on the NaNo-subect, does anyone know of an app that's similar to NaNos wordcount thingie? I need that in my life to continue writing toward finishing a story. Let me now, 'kay?

28 November 2016

And I'm done #NaNoWinner2016

I went past 50k of words earlier today. So relieved. But then I really got into the story again. Damned characters! It might not be so bad after all. I'll continue writing until November is over, and hopefully I'll have an ending by then.

Hello social life! I'm back! :P

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25 November 2016

I feel you Rory!

Ett foto publicerat av Maria A (@arellskan)
Screen caps from Gilmore Girls One Year in Time

I'm 4k from winning NaNoWriMo. And I hate my story. It's changed so many times over the last couple of weeks that I'm not even sure it's salvageable when this is all over. I tried to do the planning thing this year, and it totally bit me in the butt. The characters went haywire and overruled my planning, basically made the paranormal aspect of the story unnecessary. Although I managed to fix that something else came up that made the time frame fucked. I'm just basically writing to get the 50k down, and then toss it. Oh yey.

30 October 2016

Trying to be a planner

Since I'm usually a pantser and write on intuition, I'm trying my best to be a planner for this year's nanowrimo. I want to have as much as possible planned beforehand since I'm home with the baby and don't have as much alone time as I did last year. Which in itself is weird since I was working full time. :P

I'm currently putting in my timeline and synopsis in Scrivener, I've fixed an inspiration board on Pinterest and am drowning in post-its. I love it. Hopefully I'll get some writing done too. It's so much fun to plan, I had no idea.

I usually have a clear idea in my head of what I want to write and where the story is headed before starting. This time, I only have a vague idea and two characters that I want to throw together. It's turning out to be a paranormal romance with its roots in Norse Mythology. I had no idea when the bartender turned up in my head that he was the son of a Goddess.

To be honest I'm really looking forward to Tuesday when I get to set my teeth into this.

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19 October 2016

Finding routines

It's high time I find some writing routines now that NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. One would think I would have all the time in the world to write now that I'm home on maternity leave, but as all parents of small children knows, that's not really the case. Especially now when the husband is home with a bad back too, and has been so for the last couple of weeks. The few routines I had are long gone and we have binge watched House instead. Something that's made me want to write a hospital story, but I'm too lazy to do the needed research.

I have managed to get an hour in the morning, after I've dropped the big kids off at daycare and school and before the youngest awakes (one of the perks of not being home alone is that you don't have to wake the baby up when dropping the others off), that is just for writing. It's not always the full hour, but usually Yrla is happy after nursing and can play on her own for a while and I can continue my morning musing.

I've managed to get a lot of stuff done this way. The rest of the day is for playing with the baby, cleaning, washing up and all the other stuff that needs to be done around the house. Usually I have some time in the evening after the kids' gone to sleep too. I'm not a social as I was with the other two this time around. I don't have an "öppna förskolan" (open daycare sort of, day center where parents can go with the kids and meet other parents). We've had some play dates instead and been out walking a lot

I'm gonna continue editing and planning Nano now! See ya!

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6 October 2016

#nanowrimo 2016 here I come!

Yes, I've signed up for Nation Novel Writing Month this year too. First I didn't have a clear idea of what to write about. I thought I probably find something among my ongoing projects. Then the bartender who's invaded my brain talk again. He told me lots of stuff about himself, and suddenly I have a project!

I have sketched down some ideas on what the story should include and where it's going. It turned out to be a paranormal romance. Something I hadn't planned in the beginning when the bartender turned up. Now it's so obvious he's magical in some way. I'm gonna continue writing the synopsis through October.

I have also find my way back to last year's text and started edit it somewhat. I know there's a lot of holes later in it, and probably loads of repeats that needs fixing. It's swell to feel the itch to continue both this and the new text. I like it.

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30 September 2016

When inspiration suddenly strikes.

I had actually decided to focus on finishing the first book in my fantasy project this fall, but sometimes it doesn't go as planned. A bartender moved into my head and demanded I write about him. Just yesterday he got company in a nerdy woman. I think this might be my nanoproject, if I manage to get enough background and story down before november.

I have prolonged my maternity leave, with the hope of manage to finish at least one of my many, many projects. I have some problems with getting some routines regarding the writing down, though. The baby's sleeping routines aren't as set as they used to, and it seems like she's all about power napping at the moment. Sure, if she falls asleep on me, and gets to stay there, she'll sleep for at least an hour, but I can't really get much done when she's in my arms. :P

I have gotten some writing on the fantasy project done too, even if the bartender is shouting the loudest at the moment. It's a part in the book that is sad, which is a good part to write now, since my husbands grandfather died last week and we are all sad about that.

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6 September 2016

Meet the authors of Beyond the Friend Zone

Have you grown tired of my nagging, yet? Enough to buy the anthology just to know what the fuss is all about? I sure hope so. I'm not backing down yet. The weekend leading up to the release yesterday brought you "interviews" with almost everyone of the authors behind Beyond the Friend Zone. Below you'll find teasers that are linked to the blog post about said author.

A Weekend at the Lake                             Missed Signals

I'm so proud of what we've achieved. Such a variety of stories, but on the same theme. 

1 September 2016

Meet Sheri Williams and Mechanics of Love from #beyondthefriendzone

Sheri Williams is, in her own words, an author who suffers from self diagnosed Author Multiple Personality Disorder. She started writing Romance, sweet and sexy, and has since started Gothic Horror, with a side project in Psychological Horror.

As well as being a writer, she is a wife, a mom, a geek. When not writing she can be found playing outside with her two daughters or binging on BBC shows on Netflix. She is currently working on multiple projects, ranging from romance to horror. Keep an eye on the website and on the upcoming newsletter to stay in the loop.

Sheri is one of the fantabulous authors of the Writing Wenches and we've hung out online for little more than a year now. She's totally awesome. You can stalk her at twitter, facebook, and website.

Sheri is in Beyond the Friend Zone with the cute story about Nora and Olly, Mechanics of Love. When Nora's business starts to fail, she looks to her best friend Olly to help her out, but he wants to help her out of more than her business woes. Can best friends who work together also play together?

The story totally sets the tone for the whole anthology, not only since it's the opening one, but it's spot on the theme. And I totally have a thing for guys with long, red hair...

Beyond the Friend Zone is available on pre-order now and releases on Monday September 5th. Be sure to check it out to fill your last days of summer with romance.

Check out what Sheri wrote about my novella Hannah's Folly here!

30 August 2016

We need your help

We are currently in the finishing phase of marketing Beyond the Friend Zone. Unfortunately we haven't gotten as many pre-orders as we had hoped so I'm begging for a favour. Order it! It's just $2.99 (34 SEK). It's not much for an investment, right?

I would be even happier if you supported our cause on thunderclap, too. We need a few more supporters. Pretty, sweet, dearest readers, with suger and perhaps a cherry on top? I will be for ever grateful. Perhaps I can offer another taste of my novella, more than just the teaser?

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21 August 2016

To learn from one's mistakes

It's still sad that one has to do it. The other day the one thing that wasn't supposed to happen, happened. Especially since I'd just unloaded a ton of pictures from my phone to the laptop. And it crashed. For some reason it wouldn't recover either. We hadn't made one of those recovery points on the internet or something. The hard drive thought to be broken. I thought, well good, it's partitioned, so we could just fix the one with the system files on it and the one with all the stuff we didn't want to get rid of would be safe. Yeah, that didn't work. We had to format the whole thing. *sobs* Thankfully I save most of my writing related stuff on Dropbox. I've learned that lesson already. I do realise I've saved all my stock photos on the computer and not in dropbox (due to space issues I would assume), I had all my mind maps in theBrain where I've moved all my character stuff and setting and that's gone now, because that was saved to the hard drive.

Now I've sought out my notebooks, where I've written down most of what I've put in the mind mapping program. It's actually quite good, because now I get to know my characters a bit better. I'm trying really hard to fin the silver lining here. Hopefully my muse will wake up too, so I get some writing done. It's way overdue.

I'm feeling a bit down at the moment. I was only restarting the laptop because Word wouldn't work when I was sitting down to write.

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14 August 2016

Eve 'n' Steven - review

I recieved an ARC for this cute romance read from my collegue Suzie Jay. Eve 'n' Steven releases tomorrow 15th of August.

Eve Taylor decides it’s time to move on from the past. After all, she has a wonderful boyfriend, who came with two great children. She has a fantastic career, and has achieved all her personal goals and dreams.

To cut all ties to the past, she must return to the small rural town where she grew up, to sell her parents farm - a job she’s been putting off for a long time. She has no desire to go there, not when her boyfriend Grayson is spending time with the world’s most gorgeous movie star.

Then, there’s Steven. Everyone says they were destined to be together, but Eve didn't love him that way. She’s been avoiding him and his feelings for her for years. But when Grayson unexpectedly dumps her over the phone, Eve reconsiders. Could Steven really be her destiny? Can he fix her parents crumbling farm, and mend Eve’s broken heart too?

Eve 'n' Steven is the second book in the series All About Eve, following the first Merry Christmas, Eve, which I haven't read yet.

In the beginning I'm actually taken aback by Eve's hostility toward Steven, this straight up decent guy who's been helping her without her even asking, or knowing about it. And I feel more for him than I do for her, especially after reading the blurb. But as the book progresses I kind of get why she is the way she is.

It's a nice read, and explores what happens when you seek out your past, and where it may take you.

About the athor:
Suzie Jay is a mum of 6 who lives in Adelaide, Australia with her husband and children. She has a Diploma in Child Psychology and owned her own baking and cake decorating business. She is also a school teacher, but escaped and now intends on torturing the world by sharing what's inside her head.

You can find her on social media here:
Twitter, FacebookWebsite Amazon

4 August 2016

Wanna read #beyondthefriendzone before everybody else?

Yes, you read that right. There is a way for you to read this incredible anthology before everybody else. In exchange for an honest review, you can. Fill out this form no later than the 7th and we'll send you an so called eARC on the 8th of August.

Beyond the Friend Zone is released on September 5, but you can pre-order right now!

1 August 2016

Cover Reveal part 3! #beyondthefriendzone

It's that time. The time to reveal the cover of the awesome Writing Wenches Anthology Beyond the Friend Zone. Before me you should have visited Sheri and Anna to get the first two glimpses of this beautiful cover.

And now you're here with me. My novella Hannah's Folly is the third of the nine stories in the anthology. It's about Hannah who's shied away from dating for most of her life.

Love is messy, and she cannot afford to mess up her perfectly organized life. She lives for her lists and work. When her best friend asks her to be the maid of honor and wedding planner, Hannah finds herself working side by side with Jake, her childhood friend. Jake has grown attractive but secretive, yet he gets Hannah in a way that no one else does. Is he worth the risk of letting her life get messy?

So without further ado, I give you part three in our cover reveal! 

It’s an age old story; you start as friends but end up lovers. There’s just something about the trope that we readers love to read, and we writers love to write.

That is why for our new anthology, The Writing Wenches bring you a whole book of short stories that follow the friends to lovers path.

We have sweet stories and spicy stories, and everything in between. Though these are not just any romance shorts, when given our theme, many of us went quirky. We ended up with nine authors guaranteed to make you fall in love with their new characters and their quirky styles.

Beyond the Friend Zone is up for pre-order as of now. Just do it. You know you want to! Or you can wait until September 5th when it's officially published.

Hey, why not participate in our rafflecopter where you can win an awesome gift basket, including a $25 Amazon gift card and books written by some of the Wenches?

To see the next part of the cover, head over to Kay in about an hour!

27 July 2016

Now the promo work begins

A week ago I finished the novella for the Wenches's summer anthology Beyond the Friendzone. I'm so happy with the result! I was battling passive voice and adverbs and what not to get it finished. Too bad when I opened the text yesterday to write a five-sentence teaser I found lots of passive voice. Oh, well. Next time I'll know better.

Next week you will find a lot of promos and on Monday August 1 there's the cover reveal. The graphics are made to match each other, but I couldn't help but do a little cover for my own  story Hannah's Folly a while back... What do you think?

It's very amateurish, I know. But I kind of like it.

So, stay tuned for more info! Big reveal on August 1st!

27 June 2016

My first investment as an author

I don't really call myself an author, because I don't see me as such. I'm just someone who writes. :P I took this year's royalty and invested in a laser printer. We have an old inkjet which has seen its best day and drink ink like a sailor. So I turned to the net to find a good deal on a printer, firstly a new inkjet, but then I found a cost-effective laser printer. It's even more economical when thinking about the cost for each printed page, too. I spent 399 SEK on a Samsung Xpress. It arrived today. I'm so pleased with my new friend! :) Money well spent.

Ett foto publicerat av Maria A (@arellskan)
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15 June 2016

Here we go again...

The voices as awoken again. It wasn't really my plan. I was supposed to take a break and help my colleague with her text. Not start something new. But when I heard about this short story competition the voices just started babbling. I can't ignore them.

”Alltså, jag vill verkligen inte.”
”Jag har verkligen ingen lust att gå, bara.”
”Vad som helst kan hända! Lev lite!” Tova armbågade henne i sidan.
("I really don't want to."
"I really just don't feel like it."
"Anything can happen! Live a little!" Tova nudged her in the side.)

I really don't have the time. The summer novella is coming back from the editor any day now and when it does I need to start editing. Deadline for this competition is August 1. It's only 12k characters including spaces. That's really nothing. So... Let's do it!

For Swedish

8 June 2016

The inbetween

I sent the novella to the editor last week. I've heard it should be finding its way back to me next week. I haven't opened the document since then. I found I cannot bare it. The last two chapters were written in the middle of the night, stressing over the deadline and perhaps under the influence of wine. It might just be crappety-crap. I'm sure I will have to rewrite the ending and the sex. The sex might not even be regarded as sex, because it's just implied. But in the end I actually liked my characters, though they were too silent in the beginning and only opened up to me and each other in the last pages. Seriously, why not tell me everything at once? I don't like surprises as an author.

But they are now more alive, of course, and more lovable thanks to their flaws. My perfectly unperfect characters.

Now the waiting. I'm helping a fellow author with her text in the meantime. It's more fun than taking apart my own. :P

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26 May 2016

Deadline is coming

Deadline for the Summer-short I'm working on right now is fast approaching. It's on Sunday, and it's not only supposed to be finished, but preferably also beta read and edited. I'm not sure I'm gonna make it. This week is really hectic to begin with. My oldest daughter turned five on Tuesday, so celebration was in order. Baking and hosting ensued. Tomorrow I'm going back to the hospital to remove a screw from my ankle and I'm not sure how long it will take of my day apart from the commute. Hopefully I'll get in early so I'm home early. On Saturday my dad is coming up from Stockholm to celebrate the daughter and on Sunday we're having the kiddie's party for her friends. More baking is required. Sleep is for weaklings, right?

I'm glad that the story is moving fast forward regardless of me being quite stressed out about it. I've found a title! Yey! I've gotten my first snogging scene down. I'm 8,3 k in and this is what I'm going to be working on today:

I'm phsyched!

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17 May 2016

That feeling

You know when you start to write that one scene that changes everything? The one when the characters suddenly notices one another and nothing will ever be the same after it? That's the feeling I've had since the weekend. And I've been writing. I starting to like my story! Hurray! This might actually be good stuff! I feel like I need to sit down with my MMC and interview him. Apparently he's been left at the alter, or something equally horrible. I had no idea. The characters are starting to talk to me! Hurray! Onwards!

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