26 May 2016

Deadline is coming

Deadline for the Summer-short I'm working on right now is fast approaching. It's on Sunday, and it's not only supposed to be finished, but preferably also beta read and edited. I'm not sure I'm gonna make it. This week is really hectic to begin with. My oldest daughter turned five on Tuesday, so celebration was in order. Baking and hosting ensued. Tomorrow I'm going back to the hospital to remove a screw from my ankle and I'm not sure how long it will take of my day apart from the commute. Hopefully I'll get in early so I'm home early. On Saturday my dad is coming up from Stockholm to celebrate the daughter and on Sunday we're having the kiddie's party for her friends. More baking is required. Sleep is for weaklings, right?

I'm glad that the story is moving fast forward regardless of me being quite stressed out about it. I've found a title! Yey! I've gotten my first snogging scene down. I'm 8,3 k in and this is what I'm going to be working on today:

I'm phsyched!

För svenska

17 May 2016

That feeling

You know when you start to write that one scene that changes everything? The one when the characters suddenly notices one another and nothing will ever be the same after it? That's the feeling I've had since the weekend. And I've been writing. I starting to like my story! Hurray! This might actually be good stuff! I feel like I need to sit down with my MMC and interview him. Apparently he's been left at the alter, or something equally horrible. I had no idea. The characters are starting to talk to me! Hurray! Onwards!

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