30 October 2016

Trying to be a planner

Since I'm usually a pantser and write on intuition, I'm trying my best to be a planner for this year's nanowrimo. I want to have as much as possible planned beforehand since I'm home with the baby and don't have as much alone time as I did last year. Which in itself is weird since I was working full time. :P

I'm currently putting in my timeline and synopsis in Scrivener, I've fixed an inspiration board on Pinterest and am drowning in post-its. I love it. Hopefully I'll get some writing done too. It's so much fun to plan, I had no idea.

I usually have a clear idea in my head of what I want to write and where the story is headed before starting. This time, I only have a vague idea and two characters that I want to throw together. It's turning out to be a paranormal romance with its roots in Norse Mythology. I had no idea when the bartender turned up in my head that he was the son of a Goddess.

To be honest I'm really looking forward to Tuesday when I get to set my teeth into this.

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19 October 2016

Finding routines

It's high time I find some writing routines now that NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. One would think I would have all the time in the world to write now that I'm home on maternity leave, but as all parents of small children knows, that's not really the case. Especially now when the husband is home with a bad back too, and has been so for the last couple of weeks. The few routines I had are long gone and we have binge watched House instead. Something that's made me want to write a hospital story, but I'm too lazy to do the needed research.

I have managed to get an hour in the morning, after I've dropped the big kids off at daycare and school and before the youngest awakes (one of the perks of not being home alone is that you don't have to wake the baby up when dropping the others off), that is just for writing. It's not always the full hour, but usually Yrla is happy after nursing and can play on her own for a while and I can continue my morning musing.

I've managed to get a lot of stuff done this way. The rest of the day is for playing with the baby, cleaning, washing up and all the other stuff that needs to be done around the house. Usually I have some time in the evening after the kids' gone to sleep too. I'm not a social as I was with the other two this time around. I don't have an "öppna förskolan" (open daycare sort of, day center where parents can go with the kids and meet other parents). We've had some play dates instead and been out walking a lot

I'm gonna continue editing and planning Nano now! See ya!

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6 October 2016

#nanowrimo 2016 here I come!

Yes, I've signed up for Nation Novel Writing Month this year too. First I didn't have a clear idea of what to write about. I thought I probably find something among my ongoing projects. Then the bartender who's invaded my brain talk again. He told me lots of stuff about himself, and suddenly I have a project!

I have sketched down some ideas on what the story should include and where it's going. It turned out to be a paranormal romance. Something I hadn't planned in the beginning when the bartender turned up. Now it's so obvious he's magical in some way. I'm gonna continue writing the synopsis through October.

I have also find my way back to last year's text and started edit it somewhat. I know there's a lot of holes later in it, and probably loads of repeats that needs fixing. It's swell to feel the itch to continue both this and the new text. I like it.

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