6 October 2016

#nanowrimo 2016 here I come!

Yes, I've signed up for Nation Novel Writing Month this year too. First I didn't have a clear idea of what to write about. I thought I probably find something among my ongoing projects. Then the bartender who's invaded my brain talk again. He told me lots of stuff about himself, and suddenly I have a project!

I have sketched down some ideas on what the story should include and where it's going. It turned out to be a paranormal romance. Something I hadn't planned in the beginning when the bartender turned up. Now it's so obvious he's magical in some way. I'm gonna continue writing the synopsis through October.

I have also find my way back to last year's text and started edit it somewhat. I know there's a lot of holes later in it, and probably loads of repeats that needs fixing. It's swell to feel the itch to continue both this and the new text. I like it.

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