15 June 2016

Here we go again...

The voices as awoken again. It wasn't really my plan. I was supposed to take a break and help my colleague with her text. Not start something new. But when I heard about this short story competition the voices just started babbling. I can't ignore them.

”Alltså, jag vill verkligen inte.”
”Jag har verkligen ingen lust att gå, bara.”
”Vad som helst kan hända! Lev lite!” Tova armbågade henne i sidan.
("I really don't want to."
"I really just don't feel like it."
"Anything can happen! Live a little!" Tova nudged her in the side.)

I really don't have the time. The summer novella is coming back from the editor any day now and when it does I need to start editing. Deadline for this competition is August 1. It's only 12k characters including spaces. That's really nothing. So... Let's do it!

For Swedish

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