1 August 2016

Cover Reveal part 3! #beyondthefriendzone

It's that time. The time to reveal the cover of the awesome Writing Wenches Anthology Beyond the Friend Zone. Before me you should have visited Sheri and Anna to get the first two glimpses of this beautiful cover.

And now you're here with me. My novella Hannah's Folly is the third of the nine stories in the anthology. It's about Hannah who's shied away from dating for most of her life.

Love is messy, and she cannot afford to mess up her perfectly organized life. She lives for her lists and work. When her best friend asks her to be the maid of honor and wedding planner, Hannah finds herself working side by side with Jake, her childhood friend. Jake has grown attractive but secretive, yet he gets Hannah in a way that no one else does. Is he worth the risk of letting her life get messy?

So without further ado, I give you part three in our cover reveal! 

It’s an age old story; you start as friends but end up lovers. There’s just something about the trope that we readers love to read, and we writers love to write.

That is why for our new anthology, The Writing Wenches bring you a whole book of short stories that follow the friends to lovers path.

We have sweet stories and spicy stories, and everything in between. Though these are not just any romance shorts, when given our theme, many of us went quirky. We ended up with nine authors guaranteed to make you fall in love with their new characters and their quirky styles.

Beyond the Friend Zone is up for pre-order as of now. Just do it. You know you want to! Or you can wait until September 5th when it's officially published.

Hey, why not participate in our rafflecopter where you can win an awesome gift basket, including a $25 Amazon gift card and books written by some of the Wenches?

To see the next part of the cover, head over to Kay in about an hour!

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