21 August 2016

To learn from one's mistakes

It's still sad that one has to do it. The other day the one thing that wasn't supposed to happen, happened. Especially since I'd just unloaded a ton of pictures from my phone to the laptop. And it crashed. For some reason it wouldn't recover either. We hadn't made one of those recovery points on the internet or something. The hard drive thought to be broken. I thought, well good, it's partitioned, so we could just fix the one with the system files on it and the one with all the stuff we didn't want to get rid of would be safe. Yeah, that didn't work. We had to format the whole thing. *sobs* Thankfully I save most of my writing related stuff on Dropbox. I've learned that lesson already. I do realise I've saved all my stock photos on the computer and not in dropbox (due to space issues I would assume), I had all my mind maps in theBrain where I've moved all my character stuff and setting and that's gone now, because that was saved to the hard drive.

Now I've sought out my notebooks, where I've written down most of what I've put in the mind mapping program. It's actually quite good, because now I get to know my characters a bit better. I'm trying really hard to fin the silver lining here. Hopefully my muse will wake up too, so I get some writing done. It's way overdue.

I'm feeling a bit down at the moment. I was only restarting the laptop because Word wouldn't work when I was sitting down to write.

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