1 September 2016

Meet Sheri Williams and Mechanics of Love from #beyondthefriendzone

Sheri Williams is, in her own words, an author who suffers from self diagnosed Author Multiple Personality Disorder. She started writing Romance, sweet and sexy, and has since started Gothic Horror, with a side project in Psychological Horror.

As well as being a writer, she is a wife, a mom, a geek. When not writing she can be found playing outside with her two daughters or binging on BBC shows on Netflix. She is currently working on multiple projects, ranging from romance to horror. Keep an eye on the website and on the upcoming newsletter to stay in the loop.

Sheri is one of the fantabulous authors of the Writing Wenches and we've hung out online for little more than a year now. She's totally awesome. You can stalk her at twitter, facebook, and website.

Sheri is in Beyond the Friend Zone with the cute story about Nora and Olly, Mechanics of Love. When Nora's business starts to fail, she looks to her best friend Olly to help her out, but he wants to help her out of more than her business woes. Can best friends who work together also play together?

The story totally sets the tone for the whole anthology, not only since it's the opening one, but it's spot on the theme. And I totally have a thing for guys with long, red hair...

Beyond the Friend Zone is available on pre-order now and releases on Monday September 5th. Be sure to check it out to fill your last days of summer with romance.

Check out what Sheri wrote about my novella Hannah's Folly here!

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