30 September 2016

When inspiration suddenly strikes.

I had actually decided to focus on finishing the first book in my fantasy project this fall, but sometimes it doesn't go as planned. A bartender moved into my head and demanded I write about him. Just yesterday he got company in a nerdy woman. I think this might be my nanoproject, if I manage to get enough background and story down before november.

I have prolonged my maternity leave, with the hope of manage to finish at least one of my many, many projects. I have some problems with getting some routines regarding the writing down, though. The baby's sleeping routines aren't as set as they used to, and it seems like she's all about power napping at the moment. Sure, if she falls asleep on me, and gets to stay there, she'll sleep for at least an hour, but I can't really get much done when she's in my arms. :P

I have gotten some writing on the fantasy project done too, even if the bartender is shouting the loudest at the moment. It's a part in the book that is sad, which is a good part to write now, since my husbands grandfather died last week and we are all sad about that.

For Swedish.

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